Thursday, October 25, 2007

Virtual Classroom Technologies - Elluminate and many more!

Last Fall 2005, our writing staff decided to begin brainstorming new ways to teach our workshops to students. We contacted our Online Technology-Enhanced Learning (OTEL) department to learn more about converting our on-ground workshop material to an online format. OTEL suggested that we use Elluminate web conferencing software to create a synchronous learning environment similar to the on-ground learning environment. Their suggestion for using Elluminate seemed like the best solution because our campus already held licencing agreements with Elluminate. Thus, we chose Elluminate with no further questions. We knew that we could find software support for our students through our campus' OTEL department and this service parallelled to the on-ground service in learning environments and free access.

To compare Elluminate with other virtual classroom technologies, I suggest beginning with the following technologies (vendor listing):

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