Saturday, October 27, 2007

Implementation: How We Conduct Elluminate Workshops

Our first semester workshop series included 8 workshops. For every on-ground workshop topic we offered, we additionally offered the same workshop topic online (workshop topics). The main differences between the on-ground and Elluminate workshops were 1) students registered for the Elluminate workshops and 2) Elluminate sessions required Internet access, system requirements for Elluminate (minimum system requirements), and computer speakers. The format of the on-ground and online workshops remained the same. In the one-hour workshop, the instructor taught a brief lesson about the workshop topic using PowerPoint slides. Then, the students applied what they learned about the topic through preplanned practice exercises.

Ellminate Workshop Procedure:
  1. Moderator (workshop instructor) introduces him/herself, workshop title, and CTL
  2. Moderator tests the participants through the Elluminate microphone (optional), speaker, and orients the participants with various tools in Elluminate
  3. Participants introduce themselves
  4. Moderator teaches workshop topic using PowerPoint slides
  5. Participants interrupt with questions and comments; if no participants interject with questions, the moderator will call on participants by name to stimulate their engagement in the topic
  6. Moderator introduces practice exercises in Public Screen
  7. Participants complete practice exercises individually
  8. Moderator opens the session for additional questions
  9. Moderator sends participants workshop feedback survey

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