Thursday, October 25, 2007

Recording Live Elluminate Session

Each Elluminate Moderator records their Elluminate workshop. Then, I receive a link of the recording in my university email. For example, we recently recorded our Active/Passive Voice Elluminate workshop.

Watch the workshop recording here.

After viewing the workshop recording, you will find that:

  • voices are distorted in the recording
  • pauses of silence due to communication through the chat box
  • viewers don't see the tool menus
  • recording picks up background noises when the microphone is "on"
  • moderator thanks students for their responses
  • moderator stops instruction when students have questions
  • when students use their microphones, the session is more "real" (15 minutes into the recording)
  • practice session engages the students ( 15 minutes into the recording)
  • students create and analyze their sentences in the public screen
  • at the end of the session, students can complete the online survey in the Elluminate screen or in their own browser

Additional Elluminate 7.0 Resources:

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