Sunday, October 28, 2007

Staffing for Implementation and Assessment of Elluminate Workshops

After three months of brainstorming and experimenting with Elluminate to convert our on-ground workshops into Elluminate sessions, we decided to launch our "first ever" series of Elluminate workshops in for the Spring 2007 semester. Offering the Elluminate workshops involved many time-consuming steps. To complete each step in ease and effectiveness, we decided to limit steps to three staff members. See the separation of individual steps below.

Writing Teaching Assistant (TA)
  • managing student Elluminate registrations

Elluminate instructor (one of the TAs or myself)

  • converting materials and workshop procedures
  • practicing
  • teaching
  • recording workshop absentees and attendees

Writing Specialist (me)

  • scheduling Elluminate workshop series
  • advertising Elluminate workshop series
  • emailing follow-up absentee questionnaire
  • emailing attendees online feedback survey
  • analysing questionnaire and survey data

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